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About Auromode
Auromode is exporting and retailing both in India and abroad, a range of fashion garments and accessories made of silk, the finest cotton, linen, and natural viscose. The company’s commitment to its aims is self evident in the careful training given to its staff, the attention that goes into every detail of production, the choice of only the best silks, meticulous quality control, and the continuous creativity seen in the range of products and their design. Auromode can execute any design presented to them, or help in finalizing the customers’ own designs. Now the company is working regularly for customers as far afield as Europe and the U.S.A. Today Auromode employs 130 people and has an average production capacity of 2,500 pieces a month.

Mission Statement
Auromode is taking sustainable style to a new level, working with traditional styles and materials that have stood the test of time. We believe that each piece we ship comes with a certain degree of ecological and social awareness.

About Auroville
Located in South India, Auroville international township, aims to manifest human unity, beauty, creativity, and perfection. The community was born out of a dream to create a place where all human beings of good will could live and work together as free citizens of the world.

For more information: www.auroville.org